Brake Systems

brake-systemsStarmann’s BRAKE PADS – produced according to ECE R90 – guarantee optimum braking performance and conform to the highest standards in driving comfort.
All our pads not only conform to strict OEM requirements (ECE R13), but have also passed an additional speed sensitivity test.
Components and raw materials used in the manufacture of brake pads are certified for quality and safety cards. Satisfy all the requirements for environmental protection (ISO 14001:2005).
In order to improve the quality and control of brake pads, Starmann Germany cooperates with research centers in Europe, where research carried out test: shear, compressibility, increase in block thickness, road tests.
All brake pads are degassed with very high temperatures during the production process (scorching process). This means that a very high braking performance is reached immediately once the brakes are put to work.

Ideal braking performance is also the result of a direct interaction between Starmann’s brake pads and BRAKE DISCS.
By providing our brake disks with cross-grinding, we ensure a superior burning-in process .